Salman Khan to launch his niece Alizeh in Bollywood!

1st Dec, 2021

As per media updates, Salman Khan's niece, 21-year-old Alizeh Agnihotri Khan, is finally ready for her acting debut in Bollywood next month. The romantic drama will be produced by Salman, Atul and Alvira Agnihotri and Nikhil Namit. As she belongs to the well-known family, no expense is being spared for her grand launch.

As per media source, “Alizeh has been taking acting, dancing and drama lessons for over two years and her parents, Alvira and Atul Agnihotri, along with Salman, feel that she is now ready to take the plunge into acting. Salman, Atul and Alvira will launch Alizeh next month in a movie produced by Salman Khan Productions and Atul and Alvira’s production house Reel Life Productions. Salman is deeply involved in each and every niece and nephew of his and is taking personal interest in Alizeh’s debut. He is very fond of Alizeh and always up to date on her training process. Right now they are in the process of finalising everything from the director to the rest of the cast. Everything is under wraps as Salman wants to make the announcement himself. The film will be of the romantic genre. Alizeh is stunningly beautiful, talented and has her own persona and it will be exciting to see her work her magic on screen.”

The source further reveals that Alizeh has been undergoing acting and dancing lessons since 2018. “Her parents are actively involved in her launch as it will be a grand one from the Khandaan. While shooting is from 2022, the film is expected to release in 2023. While earlier it was rumoured that Alizeh would debut in Salman’s close friend Sooraj Barjatya’s next, directed by his son Avnish, that didn’t work out. In fact, Sooraj is launching Sunny Deol's second son, Rajveer, in the movie. It was a mind-blowing offer from Sooraj for the two star kids as the filmmaker is also launching his son Avnish as a director in the coming-of-age love story but Alizeh is not in it.”

Furthermore, a close media source reveals, “Salman has found a suitable script for her and he wants to launch her with a romance drama. Alizeh has been training in Indian dance forms as well as action, with Salman closely monitoring her progress. The late choreographer, Saroj Khan has played an instrumental role in grooming the Khan newbie and trained Alizeh in Indian classical dance for over a year. Alizeh finished her studies in London more than a couple of years ago and since then has been undergoing formal training for her Bollywood debut.”

Earlier, Alizeh had modelled for a jewellery brand, winning the attention of fans and Salman too, when she shared the pics on Instagram.