Vivek Oberoi calls Bollywood ‘an exclusive club’!

6th Dec, 2021

Presently, Bollywood’s well-known actor Vivek Oberoi plays a major role in the new web series ‘Inside Edge 3’. Being in the industry for more than 20 years, the Company star has an opinion on the shortcomings of the industry. In a latest media chat, the Krrish 3 star shared his take on why it is difficult to make it in Bollywood, and how, according to him, the new talents do not receive the nurturing they need.

Lately in a media chat with a leading daily, Vivek Oberoi opened up about the shortcomings of the industry. “As far as practical aspects of it, being …. (Sounds funny when I say it) being a senior who has been around for 20 years, I do feel we have missed a trick or two. One big complaint that I have against my industry is that we haven’t developed the nursery that nurtures young talent. It is difficult,” the actor revealed. He also further revealed that the industry is 'an exclusive club' where it is either a person’s surname or who they know or which lobby or 'darbar' the person 'salaams' at matters and in all of that talent is left out. He called this ‘unfortunate’.

Vivek further revealed, “For any industry to thrive, for any industry to grow, you need fresh ideas, you need people coming in and you need to be a welcoming space.”