Aaliyah Kashyap opens up on the privileges star kids get in film industry!

2nd Jun, 2022

Well-known filmmaker Anurag Kashyap's daughter Aaliyah Kashyap is one of the well-known star kids in the industry. Aaliyah enjoys a huge fan following on her social media and often shares a glimpse of her personal and professional life with her admirers and followers. 

Recently, she engaged with her followers by conducting a quick ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on her Instagram handle. During the session, she was asked: “Do you agree that as star kids, you all get privileges, or do you have a different take on this?” To which, the star kid Aaliyah agreed and told, “Definitely agree with that 110%. There’s definitely a lot of more privilege and the struggle that those with privilege face is nothing compared to those that aren’t as privileged and that’s a fact." 

Further, she said that there are many people who take advantages for granted, while some use it as an easy way out. "But in my opinion, if you acknowledge that you have the privilege and use that to work harder and prove that you deserve your place in whatever industry you are in whether it's film, business, content creation, etc. That's what matters more," Aaliyah further told.

Furthermore, she wrote that she has no interest in becoming an actor. Aaliyah further added that she loves content creation, and despite being from a family with privileges, she still gets unfair privileges in some forms, but she wants to use the advantage to work hard and wants to prove that she can stand on her own feet.