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Anil Kapoor opens up on refusing an offer from 'biggest franchise in the world'!

23rd Jun, 2022

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor is gearing up for his next movie JugJugg Jeeyo to hit the theatres this weekend. As the actor is experimenting with his work by making unusual choices, he lately disclosed that he turned down a major global movie franchise offer. 

Talking on this, Anil disclosed, "The biggest franchise in the world, I can't name it, has been offered to me; but it had just two days of work. So, I read the scene. Ek toh mere ko scene samajh mein nahi aya kya tha. (I did not understand what was happening in the scene). Then the director of that franchise called me up, and said that 'I want you to do it'. The entire foreign set of friends of mine said that 'if you can have this film in your resume, then that's enough'." 

However, Anil was not totally satisfied with the idea and disclosed the reasons behind his decision. "I said (to his friends) I am not going to do it. Ek toh mere ko scene hi samajh nahi aaya (I did not understand the scene narrated to me), and then if I go wrong that day, I will be exposed all over the planet,” Anil further added.