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Mika Singh selects Akansha Puri as his ‘bride’ in Swayamwar- Mika Di Vohti!

26th Jul, 2022

Recently, popstar Mika Singh has chosen Akanksha Puri as his future wife on Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti. The television actor beat Prantika Das and Neet Mahal to find a place in the singer’s heart.

As per media reports, Akanksha Puri is singer Mika Singh's very old friend and, in the past, news about them being a couple floated around but they rejected the reports. The actress participated in Mika Singh's show, Swayamvar - Mika Di Vohti but seems to have already created a special space in Mika's heart. The singing star has finally made the choice for his bride and it's none other than Akansha Puri.

As per the journey of the show, Mika was fond of all three women, but he realised that Akanksha knows him best, given they have been friends for a long time. He thus picked her in the Swayamvar- Mika Di Vohti finale, leaving the other two matches quite heartbroken.

“While Mika did not marry Akanksha on the stage, he put the wedding garland on her to signify his choice. He shared that he wants to spend quality time with her away from the cameras before they take the nuptial vows. Mika also met Akanksha’s family and sought their blessing as he decided to embark on this new journey with her,” revealed the source.

Akanksha Puri, who has been friends with Mika Singh for the last 13-14 years, had entered Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti as a wild card contestant quite late. She had confessed that seeing Mika with other women had made her realise how she did not want to lose him. As per reports, she herself approached the channel to make an entry in the show.