Salman Khan’s docu-series 'Beyond the Star' to release soon!

4th Nov, 2022

As per media updates that a docu-series Beyond the Star is being made on Salman Khan’s life. Now in a media updates, Applause Entertainment’s CEO Sameer Nair reveals on this much anticipated project. “We were working with Salman Khan films and Wizcraft, and we got talking one day about doing something on Salman himself. So it sort of built up from there, and we have been in the process of putting it together, filming it and getting all the material in place,” reveals Nair. 

He further reveals that they have finished shooting for a majority portion of it. “We are almost done, and we have got the last leg of filming to go. Obviously, the pandemic came in the way of it. Every time the Covid lockdowns arrived, it would push things back. But yes, it’s a work in progress, and will be soon complete,” discloses the filmmaker. Any strategies to release it on Salman Khan’s birthday this year? “No, I don’t think so,” he says graciously. 

Salman Khan’s colleagues and friends will feature in Beyond the Star.