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Zeenat Aman opens up on speculation of return to the silver screen with Instagram post!

20th Feb, 2023

The 71-year-old renowned actress Zeenat Aman just joined Instagram, which attracted the attention of her followers. On Instagram, she frequently posts anecdotes about her life and work. Fans of the actress, however, have begun to speculate that she may make a comeback to the big screen as a result of her social media activity. After considerable speculation, the actress posted a selfie on social media today with a lengthy post that put an end to the suspense. She also revealed her current activities and how she is attempting to learn the online lingo from her sons.

The actress is elegant in the Instagram photo wearing blue jeans and a white shirt. She wrote a lengthy email to her supporters explaining that she is a highly secretive person. As a result, her followers are talking about anything developing in her profession as a result of her recent social media activity. She posted, “The truth is that I have been in the public eye since I was 16-years-old, and have experienced the perils of being misquoted, taken out of context, censored, and gossiped about. Now as a septuagenarian, I am enjoying the opportunity to reflect on my life and career in my own words. That too without any pressures from managers or studios or brands.”

The actress said she is not looking for any opportunities, but she is open to offers, when asked if she will be making a comeback to the big screen. She wrote, “I am not, per se, planning a return to the silver screen, but nor am I closing that door. Creativity does not retire, and I would love to sink my teeth into a nuanced and impactful character.” 

She gave a brief update on her life and what keeps her occupied these days as she wrapped up the article. The actress also values positivity and letting go of expectations. She posted, “I nurture optimism not expectations. In the meanwhile, my sons are helping me understand online lingo. I just learnt what a “thirst trap” is!”