Hrithik Roshan to share a glimpse of his workout for Fighter!

6th Mar, 2023

Hrithik Roshan, who most recently appeared opposite Saif Ali Khan in the movie Vikram Vedha, is currently in the middle of filming his upcoming, aerial action comedy called Fighter. Hrithik will work with Deepika Padukone for the first time in this movie. Fans have been eagerly awaiting every update since they are so enthusiastic about the movie. Hrithik has done all possible to prepare for the movie, including training out with his trainer Kris Gethin. Hrithik released a workout video that demonstrates his rigorous training as his trainer left for the US and wrote him a note of gratitude. Zayed Khan responded to the video as well!

The video posted by Hrithik shows him doing arm exercises, while his trainer motivates him. Kris pushes him to do better and is heard telling, “You got this Hrithik. Come on, let’s go, drive.” In his message, Hrithik posted that Kris is heading back to the US tomorrow. They trained intensely for 6 months, and still have 10 weeks to go before the completion of their 2nd phase, and Hrithik wrote that he couldn’t have been ‘more satisfied, more charged, more driven and more at peace with the process’. Hrithik thanked Kris for his integrity towards his work and the wisdom that he brings to the gym. He ended the note by writing that he loves working with him not just for the transformations, but also in hopes that his passion and energy rub off on him.

Kris reacted to Hrithik’s post and thanked him. He further added, “And I hope some of your good looks, bicep peaks and dance moves rub off on me. It’s always a pleasure and I can’t wait to see the bar you set next.” In the meantime, Zayed Khan wrote, “Can't wait to see how chiseled you have become this time around brother.”