Ratna Pathak Shah opens up on change in the film industry!

15th Mar, 2023

Ratna Pathak Shah is known to be one of the most gifted and versatile actresses in the entertainment industry. From Tellyworld to the film industry, numerous roles have become iconic. The actress became a household name with the sitcom Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Back then, the show was a huge hit, and it continues to be a fan favourite today. People admired Ratna Pathak's portrayal of Maya Sarabhai as a contemporary, affluent woman. Recently in a media chat, the actress said that she feels times have changed for good in the film industry.

In a media chat, Ratna was quoted saying ‘It is certainly becoming easier for women of my age to get work. I don’t believe in the kind of work that is designed around an actor. I don’t find that very interesting, frankly, because when you focus on the actor rather than the story, then you get limited by the personality of the actor. I won’t get the chance to challenge myself. It is a very good time for actors of all ages and genders, not just the binary to work.’

Speaking about the formula movies, the actress revealed, ‘Suddenly, the world is becoming interested in how you live your life. I love that shuffling. Will we continue that way? We will see. God knows. I have hope too. But we have moved ahead in that direction and there is no going back. Ab dobara woh saddi hui formula wali filmein nahi suna payenge. Shukr hai.’