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Malaika Arora opens up on raising son with ex-husband Arbaaz Khan!

23rd Mar, 2023

One of the most fashionable Bollywood actors, Malaika Arora is renowned for her daring fashion choices. The actress was married to Bollywood actor-director-producer Arbaaz Khan. Fans were stunned when they announced their breakup, despite the fact that they were one of the power couples. They said that their marriage was miserable, therefore they made the decision to end it. The couple's son Arhaan Khan is 20 years old. Malaika recently discussed how challenging it is to put their disagreements aside and raise their son even when they are not together in an interview.

The actress said that whether she and Arbaaz are together or not, what matters most is that they are there for each other anytime their son Arhaan needs them.“We’re not on the same page about many things and this makes co-parenting tough.”,  she continued. Malaika, however, thinks that she and Arbaaz are better people now, and they are content that they can get along and provide for their son with all the love and care he need.

Malaika has frequently discussed her separation with Arbaaz, calling it the lowest point in her life. Yet, they are frequently photographed together at family gatherings and airports when picking up or dropping off their kid. Arhaan is a student of filmmaking in America. The actress added that she evolved over time because she married while she was very young.